Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"Two Jockstrap Wearing Muscle Hunks Ass-Fucking" (5:12)  
"Two Jockstrap Wearing Muscle Hunks Ass-Fucking"  (5:12)
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"Two delicious & horny jockstrap wearing muscle hunks ass-fucking hard on the couch."

Friday, March 14, 2014

"Dirty Work" (2:00)
"Dirty Work" (2:00) 
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"Conner is summoned by boss Johnny to review his performance."  He fucks his jock-framed ass!

Monday, February 24, 2014

"Scandal at Helix Academy - Chapter 1" (6:20)  
"Scandal at Helix Academy - Chapter 1" (6:20) 
From:  Helix Studios as seen on  
"School's back in session at Helix Academy and problems exceed the textbooks!!! Ryker Madison arrives [jocked and] to class early to tease his lover turned professor Doug Acre before the class begins. It doesn't take much for Ryker to convince Doug to please his tight hole and bend him over a desk. Without their knowledge two other students accidentally stumble upon this extracurricular activity and begin to plot against these love birds. Welcome back Helix Hellcats!"

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Bred By A Huge Uncut Muscle Cock 3" (1:15)

"Bred By A Huge Uncut Muscle Cock 3" (1:15)

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"Italian stallion Luca Bondi, with long thick uncut cock & the body of death, flexes his top muscle & throws Ian Jay into the tub. Luca hoses Ian down, then marches his hungry ass across the room to the sling. Luca delivers a masterful fuck, alternating between slow &  sensual & quick & hard pounding. Ian is loving every fucking minute of it & who wouldn't love a skilled 9" x 7" uncut cock on a muscle stud who knows how to use it? Luca builds up a rhythm & dumps a load into Ian's ass, which Ian pushes out & Luca scoops up with his ample foreskin. Luca then throws Ian back in the tub, pisses the cum & sweat off him, then places him on the bench and fucks him yet again. It doesn't take Ian long to shoot a gigantic load, which he eats. The cumming is contagious & soon Luca jacks another big load onto Ian's ass, then pushes it deep into his guts. The scene ends happily with cum dripping out of Ian's ass & Luca's foreskin."

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Jockstrap Hunks Fuck Ass" (5:10)

"Jockstrap Hunks Fuck Ass"  (5:10)

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Jockstrap Hotties Have Anal Sex" (20:11)

Monday, August 12, 2013

"Post Game" (2:00)  "Post Game" (2:00)
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"Sexy Bradley Hudson fucks his buddy Jimmy Clay in [his jock-framed] ass!"  Starring: Jimmy Clay, Bradley Hudson
Lightning! What a bitch. Cancelling the game and sending all the guys back to the locker room. Bradley Hudson isn’t very happy about it, but Jimmy Clay is fucking pissed! He’s steaming up and slamming shit, clearly with too much energy.“What are we gonna do now to get out workout in?” he asks.Bradley looks down at his jock encapsulated cock and replies, “I think we can work something out.”With that, Bradley pulls down Jimmy’s shorts and begins to work his cock in his mouth. Jimmy responds with a hard on and by dropping to his knees to return the favor to Bradley, licking Bradley’s balls and choking on Bradley’s massive cock. Bradley swells to man-size and Jimmy knows just what to do with it, so he bends over as Bradley lubes his asshole up with two fingers, pushing it deep into Jimmy’s hole and extracting the reactive moans of pleasure from Jimmy. But that’s nothing compared to the feeling as Jimmy mounts Bradley’s cock sitting on a bench. Riding Bradley’s cock as he lays back, Jimmy strokes his dick in Bradley’s face and tells him how nice his cock feels. Then Bradley turns Jimmy over and fucks him missionary as Jimmy rocks his legs up in the air and strokes himself off, cum flying all over Jimmy’s chest as Bradley pulls out and cums on Jimmy’s stomach. Jimmy flings his head back in an exasperated motion, clearly sapped of both cum and energy. So score one for Bradley!Enjoy!